6 December 2019

About Us

BASAMAD was founded in 2010 and aims to serve technical and engineering services related to maintenance and condition monitoring. BASAMAD comprises two main departments; maintenance and condition monitoring which are administered by expert and skillful engineers. BASAMAD mission is to remove extra costs related to maintenance. Some of our services are as following:

Condition monitoring services such as vibration analysis of rotating machinery, oil analysis, acoustic emission, thermography, currenst signature analysis, machinery maintenance services, Implementation of PM, CMMS software services (Elite software), training services, consulting services,…

  • We have implemented the above mentioned programs in various companies such as oil and gas, cement, steel, power plant and other industries. We have been able to decrease maintenance expenditures implementing CM and PM programs in various companies.
  • One of the other services of BASAMAD is holding different & efficient training courses during which, many of case studies are described for participants.  Meanwhile, books and handouts which are prepared by BASAMAD experts are distributed between trainees.

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Company Resume