6 December 2019

Yasouj Cement Factory

Modeling, frequency analysis and redesign of the plant’s fan In order to resolving the machine natural frequency and frequency proximity problem. In this project, the fan by finite element modeling  Software and redesign given the Changes in the design of the fan so that the natural frequency and operating frequency be far apart and operating frequency do not excite the natural frequency of the system.

Iranian Ghadir Iron & Steel Co

Implementation of Condition Monitoring in Iranian Ghadir Iron & Steel Company since 2010 so far, which includes the following steps: – Documented and comprehensive study of equipments documents and drawings – Determine of the sensitivity and allowed range of equipment vibrating based on related standards – Implementation of data collection program regularly and data interpretation – Provide monthly reports and documented equipment problems and events – Implementation thermography program of…

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Ilam Petrochemical Co

Condition monitoring program establishment of rotating equipment was started in this company coinciding with the start of operation of the first phase of Ilam Petrochemical Company in this year.Therefore the CM System activities for first establishment related to the preparation of rotating equipment datasheet and the initial data to determine the overall condition of rotating equipment and diagnostics of equipment was conducted in this company by Basamad company experts.

Marun Petrochemical Co

Vibration analysis and balancing also check of alignment was done on the compressor C-501 by Laser alignment system. Also doing vibration analysis on the electromotor P-471A .

Kangan Cement Factory

Provide services to the Cement Factory of Kangan: – Performance vibration analysis and diagnostics for about 35 cases of rotating equipments – Performance balancing of rotating equipments – The natural frequencies and modal analysis and corrective offers for fan foundation by ABAQUS software

Benvid White Cement Co

Vibration analysis operation on rotating machinery in Benvid Cement Factory along with diagnosis and corrective offers In the form of technical report was done. Also ultrasonic sound analysis operation was done in order to detect location of leak in dust tower by Basamad experts. and leakage locations were identified on the tower.

Arfa Iron & Steel Co

Implementation of condition monitoring operations in the Arfa iron and steel company and steel factory since 2012 so far, which includes the following steps: – Documenting and detailed study of the documents and drawings related to the equipment – Determine sensitivity and specificityvibrating allowedrange of equipment according to related standards – Implementation of the measured data program monthly and in case of emergency and interpret data – Provide reports based…

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