Maintenance Routines Scheduling                             

There are several objectives that have always been taken into consideration by managers, including production continuity, achieving to maximum equipment efficiency, minimizing equipment failures, reducing rework to achieve the maximum benefit and reliability. Maintenance routines scheduling is one of the effective ways to achieve these objectives.

Maintenance routines scheduling needs cooperation of condition monitoring, maintenance, operation and engineering groups, experts, industrial engineers, and scheduling software (CMMS). The software used in maintenance scheduling can be different for each company.

Implementation of maintenance routines scheduling, is based on the equipment technical information, the experimental information, and the condition of each equipment. For this reason, a suitable equipment maintenance routine program is implemented according to environmental and operational conditions of the equipment. It is clear that the period of these maintenance routines can be changed over time.

For instance, there are various sources for bearing relubrication program as one of the maintenance schedules including manufacturer’s documentation, software and standards of bearing manufacturers, preventive maintenance routines in other companies, etc.