Preparing CM Schedule         

Condition monitoring is a technique which has grown in various countries during last years. Of course this technique is not used in whole industries. By performing this technique in different companies, unreasonable routines, which impose high expenditures most of the times, are eliminated and predictive maintenance strategy is used instead of preventive or others. Predictive maintenance is based on condition monitoring and diagnostic techniques.

Generally, proper implementing of CM techniques reduces unwanted down times and expenditures significantly. Instead, investing costs for establishing and application CM is very few comparing gained profit.

Preparing CM Schedule in production plants is one of the main activities of BASAMAD. BASAMAD company establishes this schedule comprising following steps:

Documentation; preparing technical documents, data acquisition, fault analysis, reporting.

BASAMAD uses the following techniques for condition monitoring of rotating equipment:

– Vibration Analysis

– Thermography

– Acoustic Emission

– Oil Analysis

– Online Monitoring

– Current signature analysis