Rotating Machinery Engineering Services        

The high expenditures of energy in advanced countries forces managers to keep their equipment in the best efficiency point. In fact, when equipment works efficiently and in good performance condition, not only improves production efficiency but also its life and reliability will increase. 

Monitoring of equipment efficiency, change in the design in order to improve the operating conditions and machinery performance optimization, are of the actions that can be taken to achieve maximum production and efficiency without imposing risk to the equipment. For example, in steam turbines, steam losses and consuming can be lessen by efficiency monitoring, inlet and outlet steam flow , trending inlet and outlet steam pressure and steam temperature. Producing electricity from forced vibrations in rotating machinery is another example of engineering services in the world. By putting piezoelectric plates under the feet or legs of rotating machines, the vibration force which is the result of machinery operation will be converted to electrical energy.

BASAMAD is ready to analyze defected equipment to make changes and increase reliability and efficiency of them.