Thermography Program        

Thermography is one of the advanced techniques in equipment diagnostics, especially furnaces, steam generation systems, evaluation of thermal insulation, electrical panels and connections and etc. In this technique thermal images of equipment are shown in colored spectra l diagram using thermovision cameras. In these images, different parts of equipment can be observed in different colors depending on their temperature, so the colors are indicative of a specific part temperature. The performance of this technique in troubleshooting of refractories and thermal insulation is unique. This technique can help us to identify various defects including:

– Thermography of the furnaces, boilers and heaters in order to identify damaged insulation or refractory;

– Thermography of the steam lines to detect the damaged heat insulations;

– Thermography of the electrical systems such as electrical panels and fittings to identify areas where have electrical leakages;

– Thermography of electrical equipment such as electromotors to observe temperature distribution in stator;

– Thermography of the steam traps to detect the condition of their performance;

– Thermography of the storage tanks and containers to determine the height of the fluid in the container;

– And other applications