A main reason for high vibration and failure in machinery is the misalignment between driver and driven which is an interested topic among repair and maintenance experts. To reach the high speeds with low vibration amplitude, the first regarded issue is the balancing and alignment. Underestimation of balance and alignment, especially in high speed machinery, may concluded in vibration increasing, bearing and coupling sudden wear, gear defect, mechanical seal damage and so on. Therefore the balancing and alignment are very crucial for big machinery. Balancing procedure on rotors is done by advanced and expensive balancing equipment in manufacturers’ plants. Despite the fact balancing is a cheap procedure to execute, but unfortunately it’s neglected in some cases or is done in an inappropriate way. However balancing even using old or less precised balancing machines is much better than not implementing that at all. Regarding this issue, one of the activities of BASAMAD is balancing implementation and training how to implement that. Rotating equipment alignment training course is held for 2-3 days long by experts of this company. Some of the main topics discussed in the course are as following: – Alignment description – The types of misalignment – Machinery erection principles and criteria on foundation – Connections and piping – Alignment procedures explanation – Utilized mathematic formulas in alignment – Advantages and disadvantages of alignment procedures


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